Frequently Asked Questions

I have a pet, is hardwood an option?
Hardwood is a perfectly viable option for homes with pets. However, pet nails should be trimmed to prevent excess wear and scratches. If pets urinate on floors, it should be cleaned promptly to prevent damage.

Is Shamrock Flooring insured?
Yes, we are insured to do all hardwood flooring jobs.

How do I prepare my home for installation/refinshing?
You must clear all rooms being worked on of furniture, wall hangings, and drapes/curtains. For installation jobs in the kitchen, refrigerators, and ranges should be removed. For installations in bathrooms, toilets should be removed. We are not insured for moving these items in your home.

How long does the installation and refinishing process take?
It really depends on the square footage of your space for both refinishing and installation jobs. Typically, for refinishing, our crew can sand about 600 to 800 square feet during one work day and two to three subsequent days are needed for coats and drying time. We can install about 500 feet a day depending on your room layout.

How do I clean my new floors?
For both newly installed and refinished floors, we suggest using a store bought floor cleaner specifically for hardwood, or a damp dust mop, at least once a week. We recommend you do not use soaps, oils, or wax because these products will hinder future maintenance.

Will I be able to stay in my home?
Most likely, yes, unless you are having floors installed or refinished in your entire residence, or the job restricts access to other areas of your home required for living.